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Termite Inspired Robots that can Construct Structures

Termite Inspired Robots that can Construct Structures

blueprintRecently, there has been news regarding Termite-inspired robots that are capable of constructing structures as well. As strange as it sounds, the overall inspiration is not bad at all. Imagine how termites go in sync, there is coordination and absolutely no need of blueprints and other complex construction plans before they bring in life structures that are almost double their own size. Check out termite videos to understand what I’m talking about.


Just when I read the news regarding robots that were being designed with termite qualities, a little bit of lookup lead to some interesting observations. To share my ideas, here’s what I found out about termites that scientists are trying to incorporate in their latest robotic inventions-


Team Player Qualities

Termites have the ability to work as a team and each team player knows exactly what their personal responsibility is. So much so, that the tasks performed by every team player is spot on resulting in enormous well built structures. Where human beings need state of the art technology to be able to build 3D structures, such as castles or pyramids, the genius termites are able to do it without its support.


Continuous Working System

When any project begins in our corporate world, there are responsibilities spread across the project managers, incase either one of the project manager slips out the whole progress hampers up. Termites, have a unique quality of keeping the show on even if one or more of the project members leave in between. There is no negative effect on the progress of the project. The system with which termites work promotes the idea of reaching project completion within strict deadlines.


Thus, these and a few more qualities were summed up to design and introduce the TERMES robots that are a sight to see while they work. The tiny robots wheel down to put foam bricks and work in coordination to build structures. If this can be implemented to a bigger size robot that is able to replace human beings in factory settings or other construction sites, I wonder what the economy, employment rate and construction quality would be like? Probably, there will be lesser chances of workers calling in sick, the time period of project completion shrinking down and consistency in quality would be maintained. Whatsoever, the changes will be stark and I believe this themed invention is a great observation based study that is being converted into practical use with the aid of fast paced technological developments.

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SnapChat: Why Is It a Breakthrough Technology?

SnapChat: Why Is It a Breakthrough Technology?

snapchatFor many years now, social media has continued to rise in popularity, paving the way for a different kind of communication amongst people from various parts of the world. Although there are several that came out which offered something unique and piqued the public’s interest, such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, these platforms are basically just like the others. There’s sharing, posting, liking, participating in groups, and more.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are currently at the top of the list along with the other two mentioned. Hence, they all fail to address one unrelenting need of social media users— short lifespan of posts that will not be imprinted on your digital database forever. Of course you can always erase them. But that’s just too taxing.

And it’s actually in this regard that SnapChat was able to break through the frontiers of these popular social networks.

What is SnapChat?

In a nutshell, the name tells it all. You can chat with someone in a snap, just like in real life. Imagine having digital snippets of conversation that get erased after they take place. With this platform, you can easily share jokes and private photos in confidentiality with people you choose to share them with. What’s even better is that you can also pick the length of time you wish for your posts to stay in view before they disappear.

What Makes It a Breakthrough Technology?

It’s certainly unique, which is a huge factor that drew a lot of people to it. Since many individuals are communicating online nowadays, anyway, then it’s a big relief to find a chatting platform where your messages and sent pictures don’t get stored. Again, the concept behind it is to mimic what actually happens in real life.

A lot of authority websites on technology have declared SnapChat as a breakthrough discovery in 2013. Some people claim it’s because of its anti-Facebook image. I think I’ll have to go with them on this, as Facebook has exasperated so many web users because of its lack of privacy options on many occasions. But to give them the benefit of the doubt, they’re actually making a lot of improvements and continuously upgrading and providing new features.

For others who agree about SnapChat’s groundbreaking technology, they simply loved the experience it gave them as well as the added security and discretion. It’s like conversing quickly with a trusted friend on private matters and having the posts vanish into thin air so there are no records anyone can trace— ever.

Anyone who’s cooking up a concept for another social media platform right now had better offer something extraordinary in order to quickly make it to the digital social crest. SnapChat came up with a great idea that answered a particular need, and this had pushed them forward double-time. Will this social network keep rising? Will it even last? Let’s wait and see.




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Is the Smart watch really going to be the Next Big Thing?

Is the Smart watch really going to be the Next Big Thing?

smart watchYou know me, I love tech, I love it so much that I not only talk about, I dream about it! Yes, Ok, that is a really geeky thing to do but, hey, that’s what I am, a fully-fledged member of the raincoat brigade!

Anyway, I want to talk about this Smart watch business. It seems to be all the rage now doesn’t it. We’ve had the smartphone and we’ve had the tablet. We’ve now got the the smartphone that is the same size as a tablet and the tablet that has shrunk to much bigger than a smartphone. So, what could possibly be left?

The World’s Smallest Smartphone?

Well, obviously, we now need to have a smartphone on our wrists!  That’s what these tech manufacturers seem to think anyway. Not content with having us carry a small computer around in our pockets now we have to have one that’s even more easily accessible.

I say that because, most of these so-called smart watches sync with, wait for it, your smartphone. You know, the one that you have glued to your ear right now!  The thing is, I’m not sure these things are going to be worth the hype they are getting.

Too Small to be of Any Use

A lot of people already complain about the size of some of the smartphone screens so what on earth are they going to say about a screen that’s no more than an inch or so big?? And the battery?

One of the biggest downfalls of any smartphone is the length, or lack, of battery life. The average lifespan of a smart watch battery is a few days admittedly but not if you want to use all of the features these manufacturers are adding in.

Who wants to use one of these gadgets as a camera or to watch videos on? The capability is there it’s just not that viable or, dare I say it, smart.

I can’t really see the point of them. OK, so you get notified of incoming calls and text messages but you still have to rummage around in your bag or pocket to get your phone out anyway so, really, what is the point?

Of course, you could be a real geek like me and answer your phone by talking into your watch………….

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