Termite Inspired Robots that can Construct Structures

Recently, there has been news regarding Termite-inspired robots that are capable of constructing structures as well. As strange as it sounds, the overall inspiration is not bad at all. Imagine how termites go in sync, there is coordination and absolutely no need of blueprints and other complex construction plans before they bring in life structures that are almost double their own size. Check out termite videos to understand what I’m talking about.

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Is the Smart watch really going to be the Next Big Thing?

smart watchYou know me, I love tech, I love it so much that I not only talk about, I dream about it! Yes, Ok, that is a really geeky thing to do but, hey, that’s what I am, a fully-fledged member of the raincoat brigade!

Anyway, I want to talk about this Smart watch business. It seems to be all the rage now doesn’t it. We’ve had the smartphone and we’ve had the tablet. We’ve now got the the smartphone that is the same size as a tablet and the tablet that has shrunk to much bigger than a smartphone. So, what could possibly be left?

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A Few Ways Wrong Social Media Marketing Could Backfire

There is no doubt about the success rate of social media marketing. There are a lot of stories that will prove just how effective social media marketing is. Of course, this simple campaign can reach millions of people in a day. If you are promoting your business, then it will most likely lead you to your desired results. However, if not done the right way, the whole process could backfire to you. Instead of seeing positive
results, it might even put your business at risk. Here are some ways in which social media marketing might fail:

• Posting updates about your business every now and then is a must. However, it is not just about posting updates. It is about posting quality updates that may be useful to your followers. Don’t be too promotional all the time. It could be very annoying. You also need to be informative. Make sure that you let them know other information related to the product or service that you offer. For instance, when your business is about massage service, don’t just talk about what your services and rates are. You should also update them about the latest studies related to the benefits of getting a massage.

• Sending private messages might seem effective. However, even if you have efforts to send messages in private if the message seems generic and not personalized, they won’t read what you have written. Worse, they will unfollow you for seeing your page as a spammer. Therefore, you need to be picky when sending private messages and be sure to screen the message you send.

• In social media, the most important thing is being seen by many. This is why people clamor for being viral. However, gone were the days when bad publicity is still publicity. These days, you need to have good publicity if you want to lift your business. Thus, if you have done something that went viral, but it is not necessarily helpful to your business, then it is definitely a wrong move.

If you need help in avoiding these mistakes, you can visit social media marketing companies in Toronto here and avail of the services that they offer.

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SEO Marketing Mistakes Most Business Owners Commit

SEO marketing is not an easy task. It might be effective as it can reach several potential clients at once. However, if you consider all your possible competitors, rising to the top is not easy. Therefore, you have to make sure that if you launch this campaign, you are certain with your strategies in order to achieve your business goals.

Those who have tried SEO marketing before succeeded in their goals. However, many others failed. This is because they kept on repeating the same mistakes. This article will cover some of the mistakes that these business owners have committed in order for you to avoid ending up the way they did.

1. Focusing too much on one strategy and waiting for it to work. SEO is about a variety of techniques. In fact, there are more strategies coming out every day. It is your duty to keep up with these changes. Don’t stick to one strategy and wait for it to bear positive results. If you have diverse techniques, then you have greater chances of making it.

2. Spamming target clients. It is good to communicate with your potential clients every now and then. However, you have to make sure that you don’t keep on sending them messages. It will annoy them. Update your blog every once in a while or post something via social media. If they like what you have posted, they will share it or they will post a comment on it. Email marketing is also effective only when the mails don’t go to spam. Otherwise, your target clients won’t even look at them.

3. Stopping with one successful campaign won’t cut it. Just like in any other business, you have to be proactive. You need to make sure that you keep on moving forward. If you succeeded once, you have to go even further. Push yourself to the limits and learn more strategies. A continuous campaign will most likely end in positive results.

To top it all, if you cannot handle all these SEO tasks, you just need to hire someone to help you out. If you live in Sacramento, you can check out Sacramento SEO here. They will surely give you a hand.

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Transforming Used Shipping Containers Into Something Useful

The advent of modern technology did not just make life a lot easier for many people, but has also extracted their creative juices. In fact, given the limited resources that we have today along with the growing demands with the increasing population around the world, there is a need to maximize what we have.

For instance, due to limited spaces and the high cost for office spaces, some people have decided to simply make use of used cargo containers and transform them into an actual office. Yes, this is right. In fact, a lot of people have already tried this out. Those who did this move were able to reduce the cost in building an office space and at the same time, expedite the opening of their new office. Therefore, if you want to have an office space for your small business, this is the way to go.

Decorating Used Shipping Containers

If you are to imagine what has been placed inside these containers, you can’t seem to understand how they can actually be made into an office. Well, to start with, these containers are thoroughly cleaned and repaired. If there are parts that have to be fixed or replaced, the company that sells it does all the necessary maintenance service. Once you have bought or rented the container, your job is to make sure that it has a good looking interior.

You can throw in the best furniture and office decorations so it will feel like a real office. You can also have the walls repainted or covered in wallpaper. You may also decorate the outside part of the container with your business name or you may just leave it as it is. You can expect more surprising looks the moment they step in the office.

Low Maintenance Office

The best part about these containers is that they can be easily moved. Should you decide to move to another location for your business, you can do so with ease. There is also no need to undergo repair and maintenance often. To top it all, you have an assurance that it will last for a long time. If you are willing to give it a try, check out more of used shipping containers here.

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Knowing When to Make Replacements

It’s about time people got in tune with the real world. I’m talking mainly about some of the companies that are still working on outdated computer equipment! I’ve lost count of the number of times I have rung some customer service department and been told the computers are on go slow or the systems are down completely.

It isn’t difficult to know when things are outdated – if you still use Windows and Microsoft have stopped offering support – it’s out of date!  If you can make a coffee, open, read all the mail, and answer a few letters while your PC boots itself into life, it’s out of date!

The Time for Change is Now

It’s not only the frustration of being kept on hold or told that things aren’t working, it’s the frustration of knowing that many of these companies earn seriously big bucks and they can’t be bothered to spend any of it on updating their equipment.

It’s the frustration of knowing that these companies have you over a barrel and there’s nothing you can do about it.  I’ve been to places where the computers they use are so big and outdated, you could be forgiven for thinking the dinosaurs used them – or maybe they still do, I don’t know!

It isn’t difficult – call in a company that does junk removal in Boston, a bit like this one, throw the old rubbish in it and let them take it away. Head down to your nearest PC store, spend some of those big bucks on new stuff and hey, presto, a fully working office that’s up with the times!

A Few Tips for Those Who Don’t Know

If you really can’t tell that your office tech is way out of date, either you are blind as a bat or you don’t actually use it yourself!  Believe me, I’ve been places where management sit in their offices with their nice shiny laptops and watch their staff bash away on 10 year old PC’s and can’t see a thing wrong with it.  So, for those of you that can’t tell when it’s time for a change, here’s how to tell if your computer equipment needs replacing:

  • You can’t fix it anymore. Up to a certain point, PC’s can be fixed or upgraded with new bits but there comes a time when that just won’t work anymore.
  • The latest software won’t work. Software requires certain hardware compatibility and if you haven’t got it, it isn’t going to work
  • It’s too slow. You can’t keep blaming it on your employees, you know!
  • The repair and maintenance bill costs more than each month than the whole system cost to buy. Old computers are notorious for needing constant repair work and eventually all the lovely cash you make is going to disappear in repair fees.
  • You keep getting hacked!  Old software is so easy to hack, it’s unreal and eventually even the most up to date anti-virus software (you have got that, right?) won’t work on it.

Do yourselves a favor – call that number, hire a company that does junk removal in San Diego and get rid of it all before it costs you your business.

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Standing Up for the Latest Mobile Device News

The latest news on the internet have more to do with mobile phones and other mobile devices. This should not be a surprise. Since the introduction of the iPad everyone has tried to find a competing product with a compelling proposition. So far, there has been none, and the only alternative is a product with a smaller form factor, which would be a large phone/tablet, a mini-tablet or a large mobile phone.

The problem which hinders the growth of users of other brands and users remains to be the Apple iPad and iPhone. Competing devices have released all kinds of form factors with great features, but almost all are running Android. The only other significant competitor is Microsoft with Windows 8, which is still trying to get a foothold.

Feature for feature, Android should be better, and this should translate to better sales. However, when consumers start using Android devices, a lot of them are perplexed at the navigation. In comparison, iOS devices have a simple GUI which leads to a very satisfying user experience. The latest news is that Sony and Samsung would be releasing their own variants of Android. Strictly speaking, this was not what their press releases said. From the press release, the new devices under development will run a Samsung OS which is based on Android.

Sony has practically the same plans. However, with the way they handled and developed Android for their phones, it is almost unrecognizable as an Android device.

For employees, this is enough of a development for them to raise their legs from the floor and put it up on another chair, or a footstool. Office drones are deceptively hard put to raise their legs, preferring not to move their foot, and the rest of their body once they start working on their desks. Even for just this reason, each company should have their own vein doctor directory. Seriously, a vein doctor in Orange County, is an important team member in keeping America safe from an epidemic of varicose veins. There is no reason not to engage in exercise, however, it would be rude to get out of the office and exercise if it’s not yet quitting time.

Meantime, it seems that Apple would be releasing a smart watch sometime soon. Sony has released a smart watch, and there are several other companies which have launched their own products. This segment of the personal hardware industry has not yet boomed mainly because it needs a credible big name manufacturer in order for young adults, tech geeks, and other early adapters to buy their own devices. It is hoped that Apple would be that one company which would give credibility to these products. However, these same companies, both big and small, all hope that Apple would not join the market any time soon because of the possibility that Apple would own the market with another successful product. It is a classic catch-22.

You want a big guy to join in so you can sell more products, but you are also afraid that when the big guy comes along, he turns out to be a 400 hundred pound gorilla occupying the market.

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Planning To Buy a Gaming Laptop

My supercharged, water-cooled personal computer is great and it has served me very well. I can do everything with it, including setting up a four-monitor combo that allows me to do everything I want – play games, watch surveillance videos on my yard, code, program, do some web design and edit pictures. I’m very happy with it except for the fact that I cannot take it with me everywhere I go. Believe me I’ve tried, but lugging along at least 20 kilograms on game night isn’t any fun.

So as any avid gamer would, I thought of getting a laptop. I wanted something that can double as a portable work machine and something that I can carry around with ease. For example, if I needed to go straight to a friend’s house to play, it should be light enough to carry around in a backpack. I don’t drive so I either take the bus or the train. This was one of my considerations for choosing a laptop.

Aside from asking buddies, I also took the time to search online. I read that some machines can be configured to specifications so that was one option. Another good one (and most of my gamer or game developer friends use this) is Alienware. It’s not a very popular brand, not as common a household name as say, Apple, but when it comes to hardcore gaming and design specifications, this is the one you should go for.

I was looking at the Alienware 18″ powerhouse featuring a 1TB quad play RAID 0 SSD hard drive configuration.

With the kind of memory and hard drive that I wanted, the price would come out to over $5,000. That was worth a long slow whistle. Chatting with the online customer support, she encouraged me to buy the laptop. I figured I could charge it using one of my credit cards and get it on a 12-month zero interest installment option. The customer service attendant said that I could extend that to 24-months and there would still be be interest added to the cost.

It sounded like a good deal and I said I’d think about it. I must admit that it has gotten me pretty excited and I’m very inclined to buy.

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Advanced Technologies Every Office Should Have

Google’s office is way cooler than every office we know as of today. It has amazing lounges, awesome chairs, whiteboards everywhere, colorful designs, and not to mention that spiraling slide from second floor to first floor. Seriously, it puts to shame every office space in San Francisco. It’s so awesome I want to live there.

But all of these are nothing compared to some advanced techies that will change the way we think of “office work” ever. These technologies are so revolutionary we cannot fully grasp their impact on the way we do things:

Robots for Remote Workers

Employers have varying views on letting employees work from home, but this may change with the upcoming advent of remote worker robots. These Beam telepresence robots of the Suitable Technologies at office will act exactly how the remote worker wants – the worker can control it to move around the office, type something up, check the schedule, and so on. It’s complete with cameras and microphones so the worker can stay updated of what’s happening nearby.

3D Printer

What if I told you that you could print a 3D house blueprint right on your paper? It sounds fantastic, but it’s possible! 3D printers generate 3D objects by adding materials layer-by-layer until an object is formed. This means faster generation and early detection of errors of designs.

Gesture-Controlled Computers

Instead of cramping your hands for hours in a little laptop, imagine yourself operating it with the simple natural gestures of your hands. HP’s Leap Motion Controller uses infrared LED lights to detect gestures which are then converted to computer commands. You can change presentation slides by just a simple gesture rather than hitting a button. You can change screens even from afar.

Enhanced Reality

What if you have a computer that you can wear like a glass? And this wearable computer allows you to take photos and videos, compute mathematical equations, and even access directions? Sounds like those we see in futuristic robots, right? This technology, spearheaded by Google Glass, is already on the works and is predicted to be rampant in the professional settings by 2020. 

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