Termite Inspired Robots that can Construct Structures

Termite Inspired Robots that can Construct Structures

Recently, there has been news regarding Termite-inspired robots that are capable of constructing structures as well. As strange as it sounds, the overall inspiration is not bad at all. Imagine how termites go in sync, there is coordination and absolutely no need of blueprints and other complex construction plans before they bring in life structures that are almost double their own size. Check out termite videos to understand what I’m talking about.

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Is the Smart watch really going to be the Next Big Thing?

Is the Smart watch really going to be the Next Big Thing?

You know me, I love tech, I love it so much that I not only talk about, I dream about it! Yes, Ok, that is a really geeky thing to do but, hey, that’s what I am, a fully-fledged member of the raincoat brigade!

Anyway, I want to talk about this Smart watch business. It seems to be all the rage now doesn’t it. We’ve had the smartphone and we’ve had the tablet. We’ve now got the the smartphone that is the same size as a tablet and the tablet that has shrunk to much bigger than a smartphone. So, what could possibly be left?

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Advanced Technologies Every Office Should Have

Google’s office is way cooler than every office we know as of today. It has amazing lounges, awesome chairs, whiteboards everywhere, colorful designs, and not to mention that spiraling slide from second floor to first floor. Seriously, it puts to shame every office space in San Francisco. It’s so awesome I want to live there.

But all of these are nothing compared to some advanced techies that will change the way we think of “office work” ever. These technologies are so revolutionary we cannot fully grasp their impact on the way we do things:

Robots for Remote Workers

Employers have varying views on letting employees work from home, but this may change with the upcoming advent of remote worker robots. These Beam telepresence robots of the Suitable Technologies at office will act exactly how the remote worker wants – the worker can control it to move around the office, type something up, check the schedule, and so on. It’s complete with cameras and microphones so the worker can stay updated of what’s happening nearby.

3D Printer

What if I told you that you could print a 3D house blueprint right on your paper? It sounds fantastic, but it’s possible! 3D printers generate 3D objects by adding materials layer-by-layer until an object is formed. This means faster generation and early detection of errors of designs.

Gesture-Controlled Computers

Instead of cramping your hands for hours in a little laptop, imagine yourself operating it with the simple natural gestures of your hands. HP’s Leap Motion Controller uses infrared LED lights to detect gestures which are then converted to computer commands. You can change presentation slides by just a simple gesture rather than hitting a button. You can change screens even from afar.

Enhanced Reality

What if you have a computer that you can wear like a glass? And this wearable computer allows you to take photos and videos, compute mathematical equations, and even access directions? Sounds like those we see in futuristic robots, right? This technology, spearheaded by Google Glass, is already on the works and is predicted to be rampant in the professional settings by 2020. 

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Keep the Paper Trail for Non-Traditional Office Setups

Keep the Paper Trail for Non-Traditional Office Setups

In the age of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and cloud computing, offices just could not let go of the paper trail. It seems that paper, printouts and hard copy are documents which still require actual printing and signed with a pen. As long as there is paper kept in archive, there would be a need to have photocopies. However, unless you have a big company there’s no need to have your own copier. Copier rentals are a cost-effective way of keeping a copier in the office.

Offices are evolving with the times. There was a time when most companies adopted flexitime, and then it became telecommuting and mobile offices. Now, companies are asking employees back to the office by revoking the telecommuting policies. Companies are always looking after the bottom line.

The Way it Used to Be

The 1970′s was about the efficiency expert, and then buzz words came along in the 1980′s like Management by Objective or MBO. The 1990′s brought along cost centers and profit centers, and made running the company an exercise in number crunching. Today’s companies are built around key performance indicators (KPI’s) and contributing billable hours.

There has to be some balance somewhere. Studies have shown that more than half of the workforce does not need to be at the office. They can be at a remote site, at home, or in a cafe somewhere and they can still contribute the necessary KPI’s or daily tasks. However, studies also show that group activities make tasks easier to do. There is not a dearth of studies to show something works. It is a matter of company style to make things work for the clients. So sure, getting a copier rental is an easy decision to make, but the mobile office depends on who’s sitting on the manager’s chair.

Getting the job done, within quality standards and budget, and on schedule, at the same time satisfying the customer, and earning big margins is not an easy job. Keeping the bean counters happy is an all together different question. It is not easy to keep an eye on the job, and the cost at the same time. There has to be a balance, with modern policies, and with traditional business practice. Usually, the accountants win though, as they don’t have control over procedures and have to remain straitlaced about everything.

Running a business and being corporate sometimes seem like two different things. This is specially true when making technology purchases. Traditional businesses would go for PCs running Windows and Microsoft software. Trendy companies would want to have tablets and Macs.

While geeky, nerdy companies would use Linux desktops and make heavy use of cloud computing.
It is not easy to let go of paper in the modern business environment. A lot of submissions still need to be done on hard copy. Businesses still use a lot of hard copy forms, in one way or another. Big multinational corporations may be outsourcing jobs and departments but they would still need a hard copy paper trail, just to be safe.

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The Advantages of Using Instant Messaging in the Workplace

The Advantages of Using Instant Messaging in the Workplace

Instant messaging or IM is one of the conveniences that modern technology has provided these days. This specific technology is used by millions of people all over the world. Formally, IM is defined as a “real-time and text-based communication between two or more people through a digital network.” In the field of telecommunications, instant messaging is regarded as one of the technologies that foster broader interaction among users, which also includes other systems like IP telephony, voice mail and web conferencing. You can read more about these and other emerging communication technologies like SIP trunking on sites like http://www.amcom.com.au/products-and-services/unified-communications/sip-lines.

In the past, computers were the common media for instant messaging; however, with the proliferation of mobile devices nowadays, most people are “chatting” with each other with the use of the more portable smartphones and tablets. Majority of the users refer to instant messaging as a “chat” because they carry out normal conversations over the internet, just as they would do when face-to-face. Various IM platforms can be downloaded from the internet free of charge, like Windows Live Messenger, Skype and Google Talk, among others. Even though the utilization of IM is usually seen from a social perspective, there is a growing trend of businesses using it to increase productivity in the workplace.

Instant messaging provides workers with the capability to talk with each other in real time without the need of being in the same room together. Chats are quick and private, and can be likened to a short email exchange. Nevertheless, the main advantage of IM over email is that both sender and recipient do not have to access their inboxes for message transmission or retrieval. For employees, this can be a real time saver. Improved communication can result in increased efficiency. For example, a worker can immediately inform a colleague or a supervisor about a problem so it can be addressed promptly. A business owner who is away from the office can communicate with his employees and be constantly updated with ongoing operations.

An instant message is also relatively less disruptive. Sending an email, making a phone call or visiting a colleague in his office to communicate something takes some time and effort; and the worker will have to stop whatever he is doing to appropriately respond. In contrast, sending an IM will not only make messages reach a colleague faster, it will also enable continuity of work while messaging. In this way, there is less interference and disruptions among employees.

For businesses with multiple locations, instant messaging can be a real cost and time saver. There is no need to travel between locations to have discussions with employees. Managers from different business sites can collaborate using IM. Using the file transfer feature available in IM platforms, it is easy to send and receive files between offices, eliminating the necessity of printing documents for distribution.

Even if some naysayers are of the opinion that employees can waste time by engaging in non-relevant and unofficial chit-chat using IM, the advantages far outweigh the negative aspects. By putting policies and regulations in place for its proper use, instant messaging can certainly help in making an office more productive.

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The Internet: Everything at the Tip of Your Fingertips

The Internet: Everything at the Tip of Your Fingertips

When the Internet first came out in the early 1990s, it revolutionized the way we communicated. Now, as a virtual space for people from various cultural backgrounds to come together, information is constantly being transferred and received to and from various locations on the globe. Therefore, at the turn of the 2010s, it is no surprise that the Internet offers you everything in just one click or a few keystrokes, including the following:

Easy Communication

It first began with e-mails, and then it expanded into social networking sites. No doubt the potential of the Internet as a social tool, regardless of geographical location, is so great that it could connect and reconnect you to other people within minutes without the need for physical one-on-one contact. Indeed, as a social tool for the past decade, it has revolutionized the way we interact with one another, making it easier, cost-efficient, and faster for you to stay in touch.

Hassle-free Shopping

Now that the Internet is trusted by many, businesses have used it to their advantage. Aside from saving up on office space and product storage, companies can market themselves virtually and facilitate cashless payments online for your convenience. You, on the other hand, can just browse through their sites and choose whichever products or services you’re interested in to avail from the comfort of your own home.

Access to Official or Legal Help

Back when the Internet began, a lot of people doubted its credibility as a source of official information and legal help. However with its rise as a trusted source of all things legal, from law services to government documents, why the need to go to a law office when it’s already online? A good example is if you’re in Oklahoma City searching for a criminal attorney, you can just click here and look through their services and consult instead of scouring the area for help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what the Internet has to offer for you. While you’re at it, use this technology to expand your horizons and to enhance your life.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategies Still Don’t Work

Top 4 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategies Still Don’t Work

How long have you been doing search engine optimization strategies to promote your website? Have you seen tangible results? If no, then there must be something wrong with what you are doing. Thus, you need to make sure to correct your wrong moves so your campaign will start working in your favor. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you will still be left out. This article will discuss 4 of the most common reasons why your SEO strategies don’t work.

1. You focus too much on optimizing keywords that are already highly optimized. You tend to be very ambitious. You compete with websites that have already established themselves online. In doing this, you really can’t expect great results. It is like trying to swim across the open seas when in fact you should just start in a small swimming pool. Whatever you do to optimize a one-word keyword, it is just impossible for you to reach the first pages of Google.

2. Choosing the wrong keywords is another problem. The point of SEO is not to target keywords with huge volume of viewers. The point is to target a keyword that is specific to what your business can offer. When people type these keywords, they will be directed straight to you.

3. Lack of commitment is also another problem. The main reason why SEO strategies don’t work is that many people think it is just about encoding something once and not doing anything after that. This is not the right way to deal with SEO campaigns. The truth is that it needs constant efforts and follow-ups. You have to make sure that you track your campaign’s growth and make necessary amendments should the previous strategies fail to work.

4. Wrong backlinks are also among the reasons for SEO failure. You need to understand that links coming from link buildings scheme could not work in your favor. You need to make sure that you use certain tools to identify the best links to be used in your campaign.

These are just among the most common reasons why SEO strategies don’t work. If you happen to identify in any of these mistakes, you need to do something. Instead of working to your advantage, your campaign might work against you. Take note that SEO campaigns could even pull your website down when you are not doing things the right way.

To top it all, you need to avoid going with the trend all the time. SEO is a very fast-paced world. Before you know it, a new campaign is born. Thus, you need to make sure that you focus on one move first before going for another. Otherwise, you will end up being confused.

Also, it won’t be bad if you seek for help from professionals. It could even help you move forward. If you wish to hire the best search engine optimization agency check this out. If you need a highly qualified social media agency, visit http://incrediblemarketing.com/social-media .

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Should You Liquid Cool Your PC?

Should You Liquid Cool Your PC?

When we use our laptops or desktops, we often hear a whirring sound as that of a car’s, more so if the
gaming laptop computers are equipped with a high end video card and several processors. The whirring sound comes from the fan that is found inside the computer and these fans are necessary to cool down a computer’s electronic parts or components. The fans may not be enough for those who are keen on using a high end hardware to make the computer run faster, so another solution is required for this kind of concern.

When fans are not enough, there is another way to cool down your computer’s electronic parts, and this is called water cooling or liquid cooling. While it can actually be counterintuitive to use liquids near electronic devices, cooling with air is said to be more efficient thus the need to use this kind of system.

This liquid cooling system works similarly as that of a car cooling system which uses the principle of thermodynamics which states that “heat moves from warmer objects to cooler objects”.

Liquid cooling is actually a standard process that is used to cool down a computer’s electronic parts.
The process of how the liquid cooling technique works for a computer is that it utilizes a piece of metal which is heat conductive such as a copper or aluminum. It should contain hollow tubes and channels which are called water blocks. Right at the bottom of the water block is a flat metal which is found directly on top of the chip that is being cooled.

There is one more component which is known as the thermal paste, and this is the one used to enhance the transfer of heat between the chip and the block. The compatibility of a water block is also variable such that a water block for Graphics Processing Unit and the water block for Central Processing Unit have different compatibilities. It may then be also be important to note that the water blocks for Graphics Processing Unit or (GPU) can only work with some certain chips, while water blocks for Central Processing Unit (CPU) work very well with any kind of chip so it is the more acceptable type.

Water blocks are also meant to cool some chipsets that have high temperatures – which is the one that attaches the CPU to the memory. The one that hooks up the motherboard as well as the video card are made up of small bolts together with the washers.

The electronic parts of your computers need to be cooled down to avoid overheating, and so that it can maintain to function properly even if it is used for long periods of time. A word of warning though, liquid cooled computers are very sensitive. It isn’t something that you can easily lug around. If you’re moving houses, it would be best to carry this yourself not unless you have found super reliable movers to do the work for you. My liquid-cooled computer was packed safely and securely the last time we moved, thanks to my Mom.

You can click here to find out which local moving companies will even pack and unpack for you.

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Geeks Like To Shoot Guns Too: My Experience With Firearms

So what do geeks do for fun outside playing on the computer? Well I grew up in a family that owned multiple firearms and we would frequent trips to the shooting range on a regular basis. I was just as nerdy when it came to shooting as gun as I was when I was practicing my aim at the shooting range. Once I turned 21, I was able to go out and buy an assault rifle and became increasingly enamored with making it perform just as if it was a true military weapon. Plus I wanted it to look cool like it came out of a game like Call of Duty Black Ops or Medal of Honor.

I became fascinated with finding a way to further refine my aim and carrying ability as well as making sure my new assault rifle looked as cool and performed as flawlessly as something that would be used in live action. I was able to find several accessories out there that would outfit the rifle while I continued to practice with it at the shooting range to become more accurate and familiar with the handling of the weapon.

What I learned about gun safety:

I was fortunate enough to own an assault rifle but I was also fortunate enough to learn about proper gun safety too when I was growing up. My parents had a strong sturdy gun safe, and upgraded to one of the newest and best biometric fingerprint locking safes on the market as soon as the technology was available. It was extremely important for me to learn how to not only handle a gun but how to store it too when I wasn’t using it so it could harm others that might inadvertently get a hold of it. My Dad always had a safe nearby his bed in his nightstand which kept their handgun secured but also available at a moment’s notice. This was extremely important for him as he has always practiced proper firearms safety and made sure to instill that into all of us kids as we grew up.

How I got really good with my rifle:

I started taking lessons at the local gun range when I got my assault rifle. I had already taken some basic permit classes in order to get approved to carry a firearm in a concealed manner. But that was just basic handgun safety. It had nothing to do with really learning to shoot a tactical rifle in an appropriate fashion, so I enrolled in classes that would help me learn to shoot my assault rifle more accurately and with closely grouped follow up shots. It was important to me to learn how to shoot accurately enough that if I decided to try and shoot a rifle in a competition, I would have the ability to do so. I’ve often thought of trying competitive shooting, and this put me one step in the right direction.

With some basic instruction, I was able to learn to shoot in a highly effective manner and I am still getting better each and every week. I am hopeful that within the next 6 months I will have the potential to compete in my first shooting competition ever.

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